Data Science Career

Data science has emerged as one of the most capable domains with sufficient opportunities transversely in various industries. This particular blog discusses the career opportunities in data science, job profiles, required skills and salaries. Nowadays, data has become vital for economy, and most industries are binding the influence of data to enhance the productivity of their firms. Data science became an exciting job profile over the previous years with massive career opportunities in data science. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, data science skills would rise by nearly 28% in employment in 2026. The demand for highly talented data professionals is high as there is a scarcity of expert data scientists as well as associated professionals.

Data Scientists

Data scientists gather, evaluate and understand vast sizes of data to excerpt sufficient information. Moreover, they utilise skills such as statistics, programming and mathematics to assess and comprehend the data accessible to firms. Additionally, data scientists might offer worthy information about the behaviour and actions of the customers, which in turn assist firms in designing policies along with business plans. The responsibilities of a data scientist might vary from one firm to another, yet they usually perform the same tasks. They are supposed to attain information that is beneficial from numerous sources, eradicate all data which is not appropriate and formulate data for dispensation. Process data by employing numerical methods, machine learning, analytics and extrapolative replicas to obtain treasured information and finally illustrate data in an exciting way.

Opportunities and Salary of Data Scientists

Nearly all industry is presently seeking data science experts as the job market for talented data science professionals is mounting. It is the data scientists’ job profile that remained the least influenced by Covid 19 in 2020 in the employment industry. The reports of Glassdoor indicate that in the U.S.A., the third favourite job was the data scientist job, with over 6500 new vacancies and with $ 107,801 as a median base salary for a data scientist. However, in India, only Rs. 10,00,000 is the salary of a data scientist. The job market of a data scientist is kept growing with prevalence across various industries, mainly depending on business as well as data intelligence, besides providing high salaries for data scientists. The salary of data scientists is mainly based on several factors involving experience, skill sets, firms that employed them, location and industry.

Skills Required for a Data Scientist

A data scientist should be capable of accomplishing a variety of complicated planning and analysis and exhibiting responsibilities at an appropriate time. Being said that the job of data scientists needs knowledge of diverse data science techniques, large big data media like Kafka, Hive, Hadoop and Spark, and libraries and languages of programming which involve Python, SQL, Scala, Julia and R. data scientist requires technical skills such as data mining, analytical modelling, dep and machine learning and open data processing besides data preparation. Moreover, the calibre to perform with organised, semi-organised and unorganised data is always a necessity, that too mainly in extensive data backgrounds, which include various kinds of data. Proficiency in natural language processing (NLP) is also an essential requirement for a data scientist. Experience with arithmetical study and logical methods like organising, gathering, regression and distribution is also mandatory.


The job market of data scientists is one of the professions that is growing swiftly with the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Thus, a graduate or postgraduate computer engineering professional might easily contemplate being a data scientist by improving and reinforcing their analytical and technical skills.

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