Flutter for Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a systematic study of numerical models and systems a computer employs to proficiently function certain actions without requiring comprehensive instructions. An Artificial Intelligence application which allows a computer to learn besides extemporising by experience from which a computer might fetch data and study from it. Flutter is a multi-platform advancement outline developed by Google to allow a solo codebase intended for both Android and IOS applications. Moreover, in both situations, it is easier to interact face to face as opposed to written chats, which can have a positive impact on the individual. Similarly, contemporary applications are further emerging by developing next-edge highpoints, such as having many methods to enable users to relate to each other.

Flutter is rapidly attaining fame and popularity, which is evidence of Google’s obligation to the outline. It was declared at Google I/O 2021 conference that there exist nearly 200.000 apps in Play Store which is developed with Flutter. Moreover, it is assisted and employed by Google, believed by famous brands around the globe and preserved by a group of international developers. Different from several other multi-platform outlines, there does not exist a bridge which transforms Flutter widgets to innate components that will have an adverse effect on performance. In Flutter, the outline is responsible for drawing pixels straight on screen, which makes this app responsive and swift. Flutter can be considered a lightweight engine for a 2D game. Now let’s check how to build ML-enabled mobile apps with TensorFlow Lite.

Building ML-Enabled Mobile Apps with TensorFlow Lite

Developing beautiful apps for smartphones, desktops, and the web from a solo codebase in Flutter is easier and faster. The layered architecture of Flutter provides you with power over each pixel on the screen as well as its solid compositing abilities allow you to overlap and animate text, video, graphics and regulates without restrictions. Moreover, it involves a complete series of widgets, which provide pixel-perfect experiences either for iOS or Android, besides assisting in customising and developing wholly novel visual features. A series of tools which allows machine learning on-device by assisting developers in tracking their prototypes on mobile, entrenched as well as edge devices is TensorFlow Lite.

The key factors of TensorFlow Lite are given below:

On-device machine learning can be augmented by conveying five vital limitations: latency, privacy, connectivity, size and power consumption. Moreover, it provided multimode assistance, covering iOS and Android devices, microcontrollers and embedded Linux. Various language aid involves Swift, C++, Java, Python and Objective-C. Better performance with acceleration of hardware and escalation of a model. Endwise examples for normal machine learning activities like image organisation, recognition of objects, text classification, question answering, and pose assessment on various platforms.

Build the app in Android

On the Android app, add project addictions for functioning TensorFlow Lite Machine studying models and obtaining ML data value functions, and these functions of utility transform data like figures into a tensor data format which might be handled with the help of a model. The TensorFlow Lite Task library is employed by an example app for visibility in Google Pay services in order to support the implementation of object identification of the machine learning model. The directions below describe how to include the essential library dependencies on the Android app project.

To enhance module dependencies:

  • An Android app module that uses TensorFlow Lite involves the following dependencies update modules’ build. grade
  • Sync project dependencies in Android Studio by choosing: File > Sync Project with Gradle Files


Flutter might monitor the codebase with automatic testing, developer assembling, and anything you require to create production-quality apps. Initially, the team explored Flutter as an add-to-app option; however, the chance to completely revamp the app was great to pass up. Even while it required significant sincere financing in resources of engineering, which will allow a team to consolidate its engineering leadership, move away from constantly patching up flaws and speed up and improve the development of clients for quicker reaction and execution timelines. Importantly, switching to Flutter will allow Google Pay to be scaled quickly and efficiently.

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